I’m Sarah. I’m refusing to admit that being 40 means that I am in my forties. Live in the North of Scotland with my long suffering husband g, two girls and our big daft dog.

Our life is pretty chaotic. My eldest daughter is disabled and this brings some ‘challenges’ into family life. My other daughter is a hooligan. She’s lovely but to describe her as a firecracker would have the firecracker advertising board demanding a retraction. The dog is a huge labradoodle who forgets that he is a 32kg dog and tries to sit on our laps and fit through the cat flap.

We had started to acclimatise to the chaos so upped the ante and relocated into a fixer upper. By fixer upper I mean a old ladyfied, minger of a house. Formica kitchen, pale blue bathroom suite, rotten utility room floor, I have bad decor bingo in the bag. My mantra at the moment is ‘that it will all be worth it’.  Sometimes I even manage to convince myself.

When I’m not wandering around trying to catch bits of sodden wet plaster falling from the kitchen ceiling I work from home as a Virtual Assistant. I’m effectively a chaos wrangler at home and at work. Some days it feels like I might be winning…